Aydyn Willowind

Reserved Ranger dedicated to erasing evil and protecting Nimbus Stormcloud from harm. Seeks to bring balance to the light and destruction to the darkness.


Race: Elf Gender: Male Family: Willowind Birthday: Zy’Gen 9th(Utu’Ta’Te) Birthyear: 1006(Carp’s Dying) Birthrank: Only Class: Ranger/Psionicist Height: 155cm Weight: 47kg Birthplace: Kra’Ten Number of Siblings: 1, Deceased Actual/Aparent Age: 175/21 Alignment: True Neutral Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Social Class: Viscount (Current: Lord) Religion: Diakoku

Weapon: Bow/Ninja-to Style: Yumei-jutsu(A3)/Ninjutsu

HP: 135 AC: 35 MAC: 27 Dodge: 17%/14%

INT: 22 WIS: 20 CHR: 7 STR: 27 DEX: 20 CON: 20 CMS: 10 SPD: 48

Skills: Lore, Supernatural Lore, Animals Lore, Giants Lore, Humanoids Lore, Monsters Lore, Weapons Gemology Survival, Forest Ancient History, Kra’Ten Astronomy Language, Elven Language, Common Mathematics, Basic Mathematics, Advanced Engineering Heraldry Alchemy Animal Handling Artistic Ability, Drawing Bowyer/Fletcher Cooking Detect Traps Endurance General Repair Hunting Identify Plants Mental Armour Musical Instrument, Harp Navigation Prowl Set Traps Skin/Prepare Hides Sniper Style Analysis Swimming Toxicology Track/Trap Animals Tracking Use/Recognize Poison Acrobatics Isometrics Juggling Tumbling Imitate Form Psionic Focusing, Telekenisis


Not much is known of the reclusive Ranger except that he began to study both woodsmanship and psionics at a very early age. Upon being given his own retinue and land, he preferred to let a seneschal run the scene for him as opposed to doing so himself. Aydyn often takes to the forest for days, weeks, even months at a time and returns with a new collection of specimens, scars and, more often than not, treasure. He was assigned to Nimbus Stormcloud as a bodyguard when the Druid reached an appropriate Tier of command among the druids. This is where he joined the party. He is rather fond of Alanon(sp) and seems to be taking Oralen(sp) under his wing quite a lot. He views Pixie with the uttmost respect, being that Pixie is his Prince. Malak, he views with something between distaste and praise and Nimbus he sees as a charge and a friend.

Aydyn Willowind

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